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About Us

The Book Love Foundation community is a place where teachers and literacy leaders can learn together, grow professionally and share ideas for creating equitable classrooms where all students become inspired and passionate readers and writers.

The Book Love Foundation supports teachers that inspire a love of reading to their students. Our annual grants provide classroom libraries comprised of hundreds of books carefully chosen by teachers to meet students where they are and lead them to the deep rewards of reading. We put those books into the hands of teachers who demonstrate a commitment to rich reading lives of all students.

Why You Should Join?

We believe in reading that inspires discoveries, confidence, and joy in every child, in every classroom, every year. As a community member you are given the opportunity to learn from your colleagues and educational leaders, ask questions, share information and engage in conversations that enriches your professional life.

We are building this community here, away from all the distraction that come with Social Media networks so that we can regain focus on professional development.

If you join the Summer Book Club, you'll have exclusive access to book discussions, live interviews and more, throughout the whole year. 

Support Us

The Book Love Foundation is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. Every dollar we raise funds classroom libraries for teachers just like you! Since inception, we have raised over $1M to support over 400 K-12 classroom teachers across North America.

Choice in books promotes engagement, build confidence, and prepares the students to be lifelong readers. Teachers who make this magic happen deserves our support.

Please consider supporting us by making a donation.